COVID-19 Measures

We feel it is important to set out how the academy must respond in the event of a positive case and the actions we take.

[Step 1] On being informed of a positive case, we obtain all facts including whether the person had symptoms and, if they did, when they started.

[Step 2] We call the Department for Education helpline and Public Health England through the Local Authority to seek guidance and to clarify the action required. This will depend on the context at the time but largely follows the steps set out next.

[Step 3] We work back by 48 hours from the positive result (including asymptomatic people) and identify any possible contacts they may have had using the academy timetable and asking the student/staff member who they have been in close contact with in the academy or academy members outside of the school day.

Contact definitions include:

  • within 2 metres for a period of 15 minutes or more
  • within 1 metre face to face
  • within 1 metre but not face to face for a period of 1 minute or longer

[Step 4] We check back on registers to remove any students from the list who need to self-isolate who were absent or not in lessons on the identified days.

[Step 5] We then send two letters via email to parents/carers with parental responsibility:

  • one to the parents/carers of students who must self-isolate
  • one to all other parents/carers for information

We also inform all academy staff and governors and put a message on our website News page. The Academy Trust is kept informed at all times.

We can only take the above action when a case has been confirmed as positiveIt is therefore vital that you inform us immediately if this is the case.

Please contact us using the student absence line 01473 466145 if you think your child, or anyone in your household, needs to take a Covid-19 test.

If any member of your household has symptoms, please do not send your child into the academy. You will need to telephone our student absence number 01473 466145 to let us know why your child is not going to be at school.

Under no circumstances should a student attend the academy if they, or anyone in their household, have taken a test and have not received a negative result.

It is vitally important that we record all details of families taking tests so that we can help to protect every other student and member of staff attending the academy as well as their families.

COVID-19 Risk Assessments

Part 11 – CLEAPSS Risk Assessment COVID-19 Guide to Practical Work in DT Food Art & Science – Nov 20

Check your symptoms

What do you have? A cold, a virus or the coronavirus? A blocked or runny nose, a sore throat and a cough are common, especially in the winter. But how do you know if you have coronavirus? Check your symptoms in this video; the BBC’s Kate Forbes explains.

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Online (Remote) Learning)

If your child is self-isolating at home, then you can view the workbooks set for students in each year group on our Student/Home Learning page.

Information and guidance for parents on supporting their child with online learning from home is available on our Parent/Online Learning page.

Helpful Guidance for Staying Healthy

Information in Other Languages 

For information in other languages on coronavirus prevention, symptoms and hygiene please click on the text below.



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Multi-Lingual Advice Collection

View the latest updates for parents 

To view the latest information shared with parents on COVID-19 please go to our NEWS pages.

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Children’s author, Julia Donaldson who wrote The Gruffalo, has released a new book about the coronavirus for children – you can download it here:

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