The Role of the Local Governing Body

In order to understand the role and responsibilities of the local governing body within Westbourne Academy it is important to recognise that the governing body of a school that is part of a multi-academy trust, such as this one is, is very different from that of a single academy school or a community school.

The main difference is that the trust is the accountable body and ultimate decision-making body and not the local governors, or local governance tier as they are known, and it is the trustees who decide how governance works at individual academy level and what responsibilities are delegated to the local tier.  The trust board can, at any time choose to remove those delegated responsibilities or change the committee structure.  So, in a nutshell the local governing body is a committee of, and dependent on, the trust board for any decision-making powers.

So, what is the role of the local governing body at Westbourne Academy?

The local governing body is an informed local community resource with a unique local perspective and a delegated responsibility to provide challenge and support to the academy and the Trust.  Local governors are the “eyes and ears” of the trustees in the local community.

In line with the trust’s Scheme of Delegation, local governors are responsible for supporting academy improvement and engaging with academy leaders and the community in order to ensure that all students reach their full potential, regardless of background or level of ability.

Fully supported by the Trust’s Governance Team and the Chair, local governors of Westbourne Academy are responsible for:

  1. Knowing, understanding and challenging pupils’ overall progress and attainment. This means being clear about where the attainment gaps are, what provisions are in place to close those gaps and the impact of those provisions.
  2. Monitoring child protection and welfare in the academy including attendance, behaviour, suspensions and permanent exclusions.
  3. Receiving and noting summary management accounts and risk registers provided by the academy.
  4. Hearing any appeals as part of the complaints process and sitting on discipline panels in relation to suspensions and permanent exclusions.
  5. Evaluating their own effectiveness through the local governing body action plan, skills audit and clerk-led self-evaluation.

School visits help governors to understand more about their academy and the reality of school life.  We encourage governors to take on specific roles, dependent upon their interests and visit their academy.

Being a governor is a very rewarding experience.  You will be part of a team who is working to improve the life chances of children, some of whom come from very challenging backgrounds.  You will learn new skills whilst giving something back to the community you live and work in.  Our local Governors are committed to Transforming Lives, they give their time and energy to oversee the academy and take on a lot of responsibility.  Governance is enhanced by a team from a diverse range of professional, social and cultural backgrounds, if you are interested in becoming a local community governor please get in touch with Jo Bickley our Governance Clerk.

Contact The Governors

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Jo Bickley, Governance Clerk

Any communication for the Governors can be made via the following:


Telephone: Leave a message via 01473 742315

Address: FAO Clerk to the Governors, Westbourne Academy, Marlow Road, Ipswich, Suffolk . IP1 5JN.

Meet the Governors

Gavin Hawkins, Interim Chair of Governors, (Trustee)

Term of Office: 02/04/2024 – 01/04/2028 appointed by the Trustees

Safeguarding Link Governor

Jonathan (2)

Jonathan Burrows, Local Staff Governor

Term of Office: 15/03/2021 – 14/03/2025 appointed by academy staff

Careers, Staff Voice and Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing Link Governor

I was appointed as a Staff Governor in early 2021. I have been a teacher of Westbourne Academy for 18 years and held a number of middle leadership roles in the past including Team Leader of Technology, but mostly as Team Leader of Computing and ICT. These days I am a teacher and focus on delivering Computing, Computer Science and Creative iMedia across all age and ability ranges.

I applied to be a staff governor as I wanted to give something back to a school where I am immensely proud to be a staff member.  As a former Chartered Accountant, I am also interested in the field of Careers and further education, so I also act as link member for Careers.

I am a proud father of three boys; a nine year old and five year old twins. Most of my spare time is spent with them.  I am also a keen football supporter and try to watch Ipswich Town as often as I can.

Aimee Hayes

Aimee Haynes, Vice Chair, Local Community Governor

Term of Office: 02/07/2022 – 01/07/2026 appointed by the LGB

Curriculum Intent and Implementation Link Governor

I graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in 2012 with a degree in Criminology. I returned to Ipswich shortly after this to start my career working with young people within Suffolk. Whilst gaining work and voluntary experience over the years, I have become familiar with the issues faced by communities within areas of Ipswich and the surrounding area including social deprivation.

In 2017 I started working at The University of Suffolk as a Higher Education Champion working on the NEACO (Network of East Anglian Collaborative Outreach) project. Within this role I have worked with many Suffolk based high schools and further education colleges. It has allowed me to give people information, advice, and guidance to support them in making informed decisions about their future. I have found this role to be extremely rewarding and it led me to apply for the governor vacancy at Westbourne Academy.

I love to build strong relationships within my work and personal life. I am very sociable and enjoy going to the gym and I am an occasional paddleboarder. I have a Bassett Hound named Quincy who keeps me busy!


Mandy King, Local Community Governor

Term of Office: 16/11/2020 – 18/10/2027 appointed by the LGB

SEND, Student Mental Health, Wellbeing and Personal Development.  Parental and Community Engagement Link Governor

I had been a parent governor at Whitehouse community primary school for 8 years and decided to join the governing body at Westbourne. I hope that my experience and knowledge will help support the school, I love to get into school and meet with staff and children.

I have worked for Ipswich borough council as a benefits officer for 20 plus years, I therefore understand the financial circumstances that some families are in and the effects this has on a child’s education.

I enjoy taking part in exercise classes, looking after our pet rabbit and as a family we love our caravan holidays.

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Maruf Sany, Local Community Governor

Term of Office: 16/02/2024 – 15/02/2028 appointed by the LGB

Passionate about education, I bring a wealth of experience of planning, conducting and supporting challenging changes of improve work environment to the role of school governor. My commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment aligns seamlessly with the ethos of Westbourne Academy. As an advocate for student success, I am dedicated to contributing to the strategic direction of the school.

My professional background in Civil Service equips me with a unique perspective to address challenges and seize opportunities in the education sector. I believe in collaborative decision-making and effective communication to enhance the overall educational experience for students.

Driven by a genuine desire to make a positive impact, I am excited about the prospect of serving as a governor at Westbourne Academy. I am committed to working alongside fellow governors, staff, and the community to uphold the high standards of education for which Westbourne is aiming for.  I look forward to actively participating in shaping the future success of the school.

T Rosher Photo

Tanya Rosher, Local Parent Governor

Term of Office: 01/05/2024 – 30/04/2028 appointed by the Parents

As a mother of two children who attend Westbourne Academy I would like to be able to support the school to continue to grow and improve.  By working together we can ensure that students have a positive secondary school experience and have all the opportunities to reach their full potential.


Vince Sparrow, Local Community Governor

Term of Office: 03/04/2023 – 02/04/2027 appointed by the LGB

Health and Safety Link Governor

There is currently 1 Parent Governor Vacancy undergoing recruitment