Curriculum Intent

All learners in ATT academies will experience a curriculum that:

  1. is ambitious and enjoyable, through knowledge and skills developed from Foundation Stage to Post 16 and Adult provision
  2. is knowledge rich, ensuring access to a wide, global cultural capital – thus maximising lifetime opportunities
  3. is inclusive, nurturing and tailored towards the needs of the individual
  4. is focused on developing the very best oracyliteracy, numeracy and digital skills – enabling access to the widest learning and the very best careers possible, to ensure we develop global citizens
  5. is enriching, ensuring all experience a rich variety of cultural, artistic and sporting activities
  6. is broad in terms of coverage and (at least) encompassing the breadth of the 2014 English National Curriculum
  7. celebrates the uniqueness of each educational setting in terms of localised knowledge and skills
  8. develops character, personal pride and the highest moral standards
  9. celebrates diversity, challenges injustice, promotes equality and encourages the creation of a better world
  10. is delivered by well-qualified, forward-thinking, skilled, passionate professionals

Our curriculum aims to enable our students to:

  1. have access to a broad and balanced curriculum, where every student, regardless of their starting point or educational need, is fully supported to achieve their potential
  2. develop knowledge and skills throughout their academic journey, building upon the foundations of prior learning
  3. have an understanding, respect for and tolerance of others – regardless of differences between race, disability, sexuality, gender, culture or religion
  4. aspire to develop the necessary skills for employment and life, in terms of leadership, organisation, resilience, independence and communication (LORIC)
  5. develop an understanding of the need to exhibit high moral standards, by staying safe, being thoughtful, accountable and respectful (STAR)
  6. progress an understanding and appreciation of the diverse local and global communities of which they are a part, coupled with a desire to broaden their cultural capital horizons, through access to enriching and creative experiences and opportunities
  7. have an understanding of the wellbeing benefits of remaining physically and mentally fit
  8. have the ability to read fluently, critically and with a level of confidence and enjoyment
  9. acquire the digital, numerical and problem solving skills to be a successful working adult

Our curriculum has been carefully tailored to ensure all students can make excellent progress and achieve their full potential. We have strived to ensure that our curriculum is broad, balanced and diverse, providing students with a wide range of skills and opportunities. It is a curriculum that promotes the mental and physical health of our students and also allows them to explore their artistic and creative side.

We aspire for our most able students to go out and compete for places in the best universities. We want students that have never considered university as an option, to strive to do so and we want those students with a lower academic ability to leave Westbourne with a range of qualifications and skills, that can unlock level two opportunities at a college or sixth form. Most importantly, we provide a curriculum through which students can find subjects they have a passion for studying and which offer them both the best academic chances and opportunities for success in life.

Our curriculum has been carefully planned from Year 7 to ensure it is fully differentiated based on students’ needs. Our rationale is simple, to challenge our most able learners and focus carefully tailored support on those who may require additional help. Each lesson on Wednesday is shortened by 5 minutes so that staff training and meetings can take place from 2.25pm.

Please click on the document below to read a detailed explanation of how our curriculum is implemented, structured and streamed, in addition to further information about English and maths catch-up, THRIVE, Outdoor Learning, Phonics, Gym Trail, Inspire, the Oasis Centre and how we support our EAL students.

WA Curriculum Implementation KS3 and KS4 JAN21

To view the current Curriculum Policy, please click on the text below

Curriculum Policy

On our Departments page, you will be able to view the curriculum journey maps for KS3 and KS4 in all subject areas.

For information about our extra-curricular and enrichment activities, please visit the Student/Extra-curricular & Enrichment page here.

The contact for queries about our curriculum is Assistant Principal, Mr A Smith. He can be contacted on 01473 466158 during term time or by email

Careers and Progression Provision

At Westbourne we are working hard to make our students aware of the opportunities out there for them and to prepare them for the next step and beyond. In addition to the career based activites included in our enrichment curriculum, we have a separate menu of career and progression opportunites planned for the year based around the Gatsby benchmarks.  To find out more please visit our Careers page here.

You can download PowerPoint Shows for each subject including core subjects here:

– Art & Design

– Computer Science

– Drama

– Design Technology



– Geography

– History

– Maths

– Music



– Religious Studies

 Science (Powerpoint)

– Spanish