A warm welcome to Westbourne Academy!

We are on a very exciting journey as we strive to make sure that all of our students get a quality education and leave our academy with the personal skills to make them happy and successful young adults. We are a fully inclusive academy, who pride ourselves on striving to meet the needs of the individual.

We believe that strong academic progress and qualifications are important, but that they need to be accompanied with the softer skills of confidence, compassion, cooperation and effective communication. We pride ourselves on delivering a broad and balanced curriculum, where all students can discover the diversity of different subjects and experiences both within and outside of the academy. We encourage our staff to make teaching and learning engaging and challenging.

Our STAR ethos encapsulates what we are aspiring to achieve here at the academy on a daily basis.

Be Safe    

Be Thoughtful    

Be Accountable      

Be Respectful

We strive for our students to have the knowledge and understanding to stay safe and to be able to make the right decisions in a rapidly changing world of technology, risk and social media.

We want our students to be thoughtful towards each other, our staff, our local community and our global community. Being polite, holding doors open, showing compassions for others through charity work are qualities that we hold very highly.

We need to prepare students to be accountable for their decisions and choices. That is why we put such high value on 100% attendance and punctuality. Students should take pride in their uniform, the presentation of their work and their commitment to home learning. Our duty is to create an appreciation that through accountability and hard work, students are rewarded and can reach for the stars.

Westbourne is a truly diverse and mixed community in terms of nationality and language. We strive to ensure that our students are respectful of this diversity and courteous to our staff and community.

I look forward to sharing our journey with you at this special academy.

Mrs M Woodhouse

Acting Principal