An exciting and unique opportunity at Westbourne Academy is the Combined Cadet Force (CCF). We are Westbourne’s very own army cadets run from the academy. Starting in Year 9, students have the opportunity to learn not just military skills but also vital life skills that serve them well throughout their careers.

We want to develop the leadership and confidence in our excellent young people and to see them come together outside of the traditional classroom to work well together in new and different environments.

Activities include:

    • marching and drill
    • 1st aid
    • military fieldcraft (patrolling, camouflage, section attacks, sleeping and administering in the field)
    • weapon handling and shooting
    • command tasks and teamwork
    • adventure training such as kayaking, sailing and coasteering.
    • roles and responsibilities

We also go on regular field days training our skills, including an overnight exercise underneath our shelters. One of the other highlights is our annual week long camp where we get stuck into many activities which we might not have the opportunity to do otherwise and meet people from many backgrounds and places.

Check us out via:

Twitter @ccfwestbourne

Instagram @westbourneccf