All learners in ATT academies will experience a curriculum that:

  1. is ambitious and enjoyable, through knowledge and skills developed from Foundation Stage to Post 16 and Adult provision
  2. is knowledge rich, ensuring access to a wide, global cultural capital – thus maximising lifetime opportunities
  3. is inclusive, nurturing and tailored towards the needs of the individual
  4. is focused on developing the very best oracyliteracy, numeracy and digital skills – enabling access to the widest learning and the very best careers possible, to ensure we develop global citizens
  5. is enriching, ensuring all experience a rich variety of cultural, artistic and sporting activities
  6. is broad in terms of coverage and (at least) encompassing the breadth of the 2014 English National Curriculum
  7. celebrates the uniqueness of each educational setting in terms of localised knowledge and skills
  8. develops character, personal pride and the highest moral standards
  9. celebrates diversity, challenges injustice, promotes equality and encourages the creation of a better world
  10. is delivered by well-qualified, forward-thinking, skilled, passionate professionals

Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum is broad, accessible to all and does not narrow at Key Stage 3.

GCSE subjects start in Year 10 and, until then, students have access to a full range of subjects, for example Design Technology, Drama, Art and Music are all timetabled individually.

SEN students experience the same curriculum. They are only strategically withdrawn to support them to self-regulate and learn vital social and life skills to succeed within the academy, or to provide further support in English and Maths on an ‘assess, plan, do and review’ basis.

Our curriculum aims to do more than just teach the academic side through the delivery of:

  • cultural capital opportunities, both planned or otherwise
  • promotion of our core and aspirational values
  • discrete lessons for enrichment throughout the students’ academy life empowering our students to keep themselves safe

All of which is underpinned by a desire to constantly teach the behaviour/social norms to prepare students for the world of work and to lead a happy and successful life.

Curriculum Implementation

Our curriculum intent and vision is encapsulated through the following seven areas shown below:

In terms of the ‘Broad and ambitious curriculum available to all’, the implementation is detailed in the document below:

WA Curriculum Implementation KS3 And KS4 22 23