Academy Transformation Trust (The Trust) aims to deal positively with all complaints, from whatever source. The Trust views complaints as an opportunity to re-examine its systems and services and, through feedback to the complainant, show that it is responsive to their concerns.

If you wish to make a complaint about the academy or the Trust, please first read the Complaints Policy and Procedure on our ACADEMY POLICIES page.

Complainants should follow the procedures outlined in the policy and refrain from talking to others or discussing the matter on any social media platform.

The majority of concerns can be dealt with informally in the first instance, this is called stage one. Other than in exceptional circumstances, a complaint may only proceed to stage two if stage one has been exhausted and the complainant remains unsatisfied.

All complaints should be addressed to the person closest to the situation. This could be your child’s tutor or class teacher in the first instance, followed by your child’s Head of House, Pastoral Lead, Vice Principal and Principal. All persons receiving a complaint by phone or in person will note down the details.  You will need to provide us with your full name, address and a contact telephone number.

Complainants should ensure that the complaint is made as soon as possible after a specific incident, and the Trust reserves the right not to consider a complaint if more than 3 months have elapsed since the incident to which it refers.

You may find the following questions helpful in the event you feel you need to make a complaint:

  • What is your complaint about?
  • What action would you like the academy or Trust to take?
  • Which members of staff have you already discussed this complaint with?

If a complaint is received by email or in writing, the member of staff in receipt of the complaint may pass it to a more senior or appropriate colleague within the academy.

To contact a member of staff, you can email (stating your child’s name and the person you wish to contact) or you can email staff directly. Contact emails and telephone numbers can be found on our CONTACT DETAILS page or you may telephone the PA to the Senior Leadership Team in confidence on 01473 466136.

Where a complaint is about a senior leader, Principal or Chair, the CEO or the Trust, there are exceptions as to who the complaint should be addressed to and these are detailed in the Trust’s Complaints Policy which can be found on our POLICIES page.

Please note that all complaints relating to safeguarding, admissions or exclusions are dealt with in accordance with the relevant safeguarding, admissions or exclusions policies on our website.