We aspire to develop character, personal pride and the highest of moral standards in our students during their time with us. We impress upon them the world of work is often a competitive place and the qualities that will set them apart are those described by our aspirational LORIC values.






We strive to offer students the chance to develop and display their Leadership qualities through opportunities available in curriculum time, extra-curricular activities, clubs and teams, in addition to representing the views of their peers as part of the Student Leadership Team of the academy.

We require our students to highlight how they can be Organised on a daily basis, by ensuring they are always punctual to lessons, fully prepared for learning, with the correct equipment and uniform and having completed any home learning tasks set.

We urge our students to understand that in life, the ability to display Resilience in all they do, and having the capacity to ‘bounce back’ and try again if at first you do not succeed, is a key character attribute.

We encourage our students to develop and display the vital skill of Independence and to take responsibility for themselves and their own learning. This can be highlighted by using their initiative and being motivated to complete lesson or home learning tasks without additional support or guidance.

We nurture all our students to appreciate that improving their Communication skills will not only boost their literacy skills, but also develop them into more confident and effective communicators. Speaking, listening, discussion and collaboration within the curriculum are all key attributes for exploring this and will stand our students in good stead for life beyond the academy.