GCSE Results 2021

Results awarded to students in 2021 were from the Teacher Assessed Grades submitted by teachers to the examination boards. They were not based on the outcomes of summer terminal examinations which did not take place due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The grades submitted were subject to a rigorous moderation process across our Trust and by the exam boards and reflect realistic levels of improvement expected in our academy.

GCSE:    70 % achieving a grade 4 or higher in English and Maths.

Mark Bouckley, Principal stated
“We are very proud of all of our students and the way they have overcome the challenges that COVID has presented. Students have, once again, been supported admirably by Westbourne Academy staff, our Trust together by our parents and carers. We are delighted that our teacher assessed grades have been confirmed as they are a robust reflection of the hard work and talents of this group of students.
A wide range of students secured some strong grades that will help secure the next stage of their education. Eurig Elis (Colville) achieved grade 9s across the board in 9 subjects. Fahima Mehzabin 9 grades at 7 and above, including 4 grade 9s in English, maths, geography and business. There was some amazing progress from students when we look at their original starting points. Charlie Knights, achieved 9 grade 7+ including 2 grade 9s in maths and religious studies. Beatriz Pereira who has overcome language barriers to achieve 9 grades of 4 and above, and a grade 7 in maths and grade 5 in English.”

Susan Byles, Regional Education Director stated
“The work of the students and staff to ensure that learning continued in its fullest possible way during the past two years should never be underestimated when looking at the achievements of this cohort. We need to keep in mind that although the students were not able to sit traditional examinations, they carried on learning during extended periods of lockdown, isolation and partial school closures. Some suffered illness and bereavement caused by the pandemic. Coping with all of this shows the determination and resilience of the students and the expertise and commitment of the staff. Everyone who has contributed to this set of results must be proud of what they have achieved. I wish all of the students every success as they embark upon the next stage of their lives.”

GCSE Results Summary

Key Stage 4 GCSE Results Summary2015-162016-172017-182018-192019-202020-21
Basics 4+ English and Maths combined56% (A-C)58%60%61%64%70%
Basics 5+ English and Maths combined56% (A-C)37%44%43%45%49%
Attainment 844.744.0342.6746.8246.5347.87
Progress 8 score-0.370.06-
% achieving the Ebacc13%12%17%24%27%21%
% entering the Ebacc20%17%29%54%49%63%

Destination Data 6 Year Trend

College/Sixth Form918288939391
Other Education and Employment344212
% in sustained education, employment or training after two terms9892969996
Moved out of County012013
Unknown / NEET272132