At Westbourne our STAR values describe a fundamental ethos, and form the foundations of our baseline expectations for all students and staff. They are a set of core principles which we are aspiring to adhere to at the academy on a daily basis.

being Safe

being Thoughtful

being Accountable

being Respectful

We strive for our students to have the knowledge and understanding to stay Safe and to be able to make the right decisions in a rapidly changing world of technology, risk and social media.

We want our students to be Thoughtful towards one another, our staff, and both our local and global communities.

We need to prepare students to be Accountable for their decisions and choices, which is why we place such high value on 100% attendance, punctuality and positive behaviours. Students should take pride in their uniform, the presentation of their work and their commitment to home learning. Our duty is to create an appreciation that through accountability and hard work, students are rewarded and can “reach for the stars”.

We expect our students to be Respectful and courteous, not only to our staff and each other, but to the diverse and mixed community that Westbourne serves. We believe being polite, holding doors open and showing compassion for others through charity work, are qualities that should be held in the highest regard.

We carefully reinforce these STAR values through teaching the necessary behaviour and social norms to our students, explaining that these will prepare them for life after their education and be the minimum expectations of any employer.

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