Emailed to parents and carers of Y11 PE BTEC students on 27/3/24

Y11 PE BTEC Tech Award – Revision

Written Assessment/Examination Support

The BTEC Sport Tech Award written examination is assessed in a range of ways. The exam will cover the following types of questions;

  • Multiple choice
  • Standard exam questions
  • Extended writing questions

To support your child outside of school, we have taken the opportunity to prepare a series of recall questions (attached), for parents and carers to use with their child in the run-up to the exam on Thursday 9 May.

Y11 BTEC Questions For Parents 2024 SMO

These questions are based around the key topic areas, including;

– Components of Physical Fitness

– Components of Skill-Related Fitness

– Why fitness components are important for successful participation

– Exercise intensity and how it can be determined

– The basic principles of training (FITT)

– Additional principles of training

– Requirements for fitness training methods

– Fitness training methods for all components of fitness

– Fitness testing methods for components of fitness

– Importance of fitness testing to sports performers and coaches

– Administration of each fitness test

– Interpretation of fitness test results


In an attempt to ensure students have the best possible chance of securing high marks, I would like to encourage them to plan a revision timetable and regularly review past learning with the support of family members. The accompanying questions provide ideal opportunities to access multiple choice questions and standard exam questions, whilst past paper questions, lesson time and support sessions will be used to develop exam techniques around extended writing questions.


There is also the opportunity to purchase the BTEC Tech Award revision guides from School Money to further support your child’s revision.


If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me at school.



Stuart Moore

Team Leader of Physical Education


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