ATT Equality Objectives

  • Close the gap between the achievement of disadvantaged pupils across the Trust and their peers nationally.
  • Improve the attendance and lateness of pupils across the Trust so as it is at least in line with national
  • Reduce the number of fixed term and permanent exclusions for SEN pupils and those eligible for pupil premium funding
  • To monitor and analyse recruitment, promotion, assessment, pay, terms and conditions of employment, redundancy and disciplinary by protected characteristics (where data is available).  We will act on any trends or patterns in the data that require action to be taken to close any gaps between those who have a protected characteristic and those who do not.


Westbourne Equality Objectives

At Westbourne, we have added the following objectives to address the needs of our context:

  • Close the gap between the achievement of boys and girls in the academy.
  • Close the gap between the achievement of EAL students and non-EAL students within the academy.
  • Improve the attendance of the disadvantaged and SEND students.
  • Improve the variation in attendance between year groups.
  • Monitor and track the progress, attendance and behaviour of students who are transgender or who are undergoing gender reassignment.
  • Monitor the use of extra-curricular activities by different groupings.
  • Improve the attendance at parent’s evenings of disadvantaged and EAL students.