Emailed to parents, carers and students 13/01/2022

Year 9 Culture Capital Street Art Workshops

Monday 24 January 2022

  • Session 1: Classes 9B and 9D P1+2
  • Session 2: Classes 9A and 9C P4+5

Friday 18 February 2022

  • Session 1: Classes 9E 9F P1+2
  • Session 2: Classes 9G 9H P4+5


As part of our commitment to the culture capital ethos in education, we have arranged an exciting opportunity for all Year 9 students.

Every student will access a special two-hour visiting-artist session and work with the talented local graffiti and street-artist, Jon Revell. Mr Revell is also a successful art teacher, having taught art in Westbourne and other schools locally, as well as international schools across Asia. He will be sharing how the creative industries have shaped and developed his career and given him opportunities to travel the world, along with sharing his artworks and the sources that inspire him.

Students will watch a live demonstration of a professional graffiti artist and also take part in a workshop where they will be using permanent marker pens and white-out eraser style pens. As these two materials have the potential to stain clothing, we are strongly suggesting that students remove their blazers for the workshop and bring a coverall (an old shirt or apron) to wear to protect their uniform in the event of an accident.

Students will be producing their own A4 ‘tag’ working onto spray-painted boards that have been pre-prepared by Mr Revell. Their work will be a collaboration of sorts and we hope to display a range of the work after these sessions are completed.

We hope you agree that this will be an exciting and eye-opening opportunity for all students and help them make connections between their education and the wider world as well as looking at opportunities in the creative industries.

The sessions will run as detailed below. Students will need to first register with their timetabled teacher before making their way promptly to the main hall to meet with a member of the art team with bags and coats.  We will remind them in art lessons and in tutor time prior to their day.

Monday 24 January:

Session 1 = Classes 9B + 9D (period 1+2)

Session 2 = Classes 9A + 9C (period 4+5 with lunch as normal in between)

Friday 18 February:

Session 1 = Classes 9E+9F (period 1+2)

Session 2 = Classes 9G+9H (period 4+5 with lunch as normal in between)

Students will attend tutor time, break and their other timetabled lessons as normal when they are not involved in the art sessions in the main hall.  There is no charge to parents as all associated costs have been funded by the academy.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at school.


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