Emailed to Year 8 students, parents and carers on 16/11/21

Character Measurement System (CMS) – Years 8

At Westbourne, we are as committed to the personal development and character education of our students, as much as we are to their academic development and education. As a major part of this, the academy has invested in developing a CMS online platform, in partnership with Contour Education. Using our LORIC values (leadership, organisation, resilience, independence and communication), the CMS will measure students’ character development as it progresses throughout their time at Westbourne.

How does CMS work?

CMS will keep track of student participation in activities, trips, programmes, workshops, or anything else which works on attributes which relate to our academy values of LORIC:


Leadership Organisation Resilience Independence Communication

Risk Awareness





Role model




Time Management



Problem solving







Growth mindset
















The CMS serves as an enrichment passport and can create a ‘character CV’, which supports qualifications and will help students with applications to college, university, and the workplace at the end of their time at Westbourne. In addition to all of the extra-curricular activities they can participate in and log that take place within the academy, programmes have also been developed for them to complete independently at home. Once completed, students can log their completion onto the CMS and the attributes for that programme will be recorded against their profile.

Benefits to CMS

This system will help to develop students’ ‘character’ to support the following aims and values of our academy:

  • To enable them to develop as fully as possible in all aspects of academy life
  • To provide students with the knowledge, concepts, skills, and attitudes to be a valuable member of society
  • To develop high standards of behaviour, good manners, and to show students the need for these

What they need to do?

  1. Use the tutorial guide and video (posted on Satchel One as a home learning task) to log onto the CMS. The first time they log in to the site, their username and password will be the same as their log in at school.
  2. Students will then be prompted to change their password and it is strongly suggested that they make it the same as their password to log in to their school account.
  3. From the list of suggested activities, they should choose at least one to log. Every student should be able to log at least one activity from the drop-down menu. For example, all assemblies for the term so far are available, as are all current school lunchtime and after school clubs.
  4. Students should use the tutorial guide and video to help them log the completion of the activity and upload any evidence, if necessary.
  5. Students should continue to use CMS to log all of their extra-curricular activities, throughout their time at Westbourne Academy.

Should students experience any issues with logging in to their account or with recording any activities, please ask them to speak to me in school or alternatively, I can be contacted via email at the following address I will be sending students a copy of this communication to their school email address and it will be posted on Satchel One shortly as well. Year 8 students had an assembly with me about this today on Tuesday 16 November 2021.


Mr A Smith – Assistant Principal

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