Emailed on 15/4/24 to parents and carers of  currentYear 6 pupils who have been offered a place at the academy for Year 7 in September 2024

Year 6 Transition to Westbourne Academy – September 2024

We are delighted your child has been offered a place at Westbourne Academy. We would like to welcome you to our community and provide some information that we hope you will find useful for your child’s transition to secondary school. Our staff at Westbourne are very much looking forward to working with you and your child over the next five years.

We want to make sure that we provide as much reassurance as we can during the coming months to help your child prepare for their next step on their educational journey. We will build further links with you, your child and their primary school in order to build a clear picture of their character and academic profile so as to best support their transition to our academy.

We will be sending our documents electronically to the email address that you provided when you applied for your place. Please contact us if you have any difficulties in accessing our communications. Copies of all general communications sent to parents can be found on our website Latest News page.

We hope you have been able to access our website and had a look at the variety of information we display to help our students and parents   As an academy, we have developed an ethos which will underpin your child’s development both academically and socially.  Our STAR ethos encapsulates what we are aspiring to achieve on a daily basis.

Being Safe

Being Thoughtful

Being Accountable

Being Respectful

We want all of our students to strive to achieve academically but also have the personal skills to become happy and successful adults.  Therefore, we also have our LORIC skillset which develops Leadership, Organisation, Responsibility, Independence and Communication. As parents and carers, we all have a responsibility to help our children achieve this.  Our Home Academy Agreement sets out our expectations, not only for the student and parents, but also what you can expect from us at the academy.

Admission Documents

Please download and complete the admission and consent forms via the link below.

WA Student Admission Form 2024

We would like the admission and consent forms completed and returned by Friday 10 May. This will enable your child’s details to be entered on to our database in readiness for the new academic year.  The forms can be completed on either PC or laptop.  Once complete, save a copy in your child’s full name and return the form by email to: .

Printed copies of these admission forms will be available at our information evenings on 30 April and 1st May.

Other information which may be useful to you can be found on our website pages here:

  1. Calendar Dates & Term Dates
  2. Uniform, Standards & Expectations
  3. Policies & Data Protection Policy

Getting to Know Your Child

Parent and student Information evenings

We will be hosting two information evenings, the first on Tuesday 30 April and then a second on Wednesday 1st May. These will run from 18:00 – 19:00. This will allow you and your child to meet some of the key members of staff from Westbourne, and find out more about our academy. You will only have to attend one of these evenings depending upon the primary school your child is coming from. Due to the available capacity in the main hall, please do not bring other siblings or relatives.

    • Tuesday 30 April – for parents and pupils from Whitehouse PS & Handford Hall.
    • Wednesday 1st May – for parents and pupils from Springfield JS & any other primary.

Please fill out the form

We would like to get to know more about your child before they begin attending Westbourne Academy in September. Please click on the link here which allows you to tell us more about your child, any sibling, and any worries they may have. We will use this information, and that from our visit to your child’s primary school, to help us place them in the appropriate House and academic classes.

Transition Days

We will be holding our transition days on Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 June 2024. It is intended that these should resemble a typical day at Westbourne Academy, more information on this will follow nearer the time by email.


At Westbourne Academy, we believe the smartness of our students adds to the academy’s prestige and encourages a positive attitude to work and learning.  All students are expected to wear the correct uniform.  Tutors will check their students daily in Tutor Time to ensure all students are correctly dressed and equipped for learning.

Our uniform can be purchased from PMG schoolwear, located in the town centre. We will inform you of the House that your child has been assigned to in due course so you know what colour tie to buy before September.

Moving Up to Westbourne Academy

All students will receive a printed ‘Moving Up to Westbourne’ booklet on their Transition Days in June. It covers the general day-to-day things which happen in the academy and shows them where certain places are on a map, such as the Food Hall.  It has pictures of key staff members and their job role.

In Summary:

  1. Please can we ask you to complete the admission documents and return them to by Friday 10 May.  Please include your child’s name in the subject title.
  2. Please attend our parent and student information evenings on Tuesday 30 April or Wednesday 1st May depending on which primary school your child attends
  3. Complete the Microsoft Form about your child found here
  4. Further details about the transition days and how to purchase uniform will follow on receipt of the completed admission documents.

We look forward to building a positive working relationship with you and your child and will be in contact in the near future.


Mrs M Woodhouse – Head of Academy

Mr R Hawkes – Assistant Principal

Ms M Abbott – Associate Assistant Principal & SENDCO

Mr M Agate – Year 6 Transition Lead


Academy vision: Westbourne is an inclusive academy. We support all students, regardless of starting point, to achieve their potential and develop the skills necessary for employment and life.

Academy values: Be Safe, Be Thoughtful, Be Accountable and Be Respectful.


General queries to: or 01473 742315

Admissions queries to:

Attendance or Absence queries to: 

Complaints to:

Exam queries to: 

School Money and data information queries to: