Emailed to Y11 students and their parents/carers on 16/4/24

Year 11 National Citizen Service

In a couple of months, it will all be over and you will have your child at home for the longest summer holiday of their lives! So why not help fill some of it with a fantastic experience through the NCS (National Citizenship Service).

The NCS offers young students a chance to get out into the world with their mates and build skills for work and life.

They will be taking part in fun challenges, making new friends, and gaining confidence and independence along the way. it also offers them an away from home experience across the country.

Each experience is 5 days and 4 nights, and includes a variety of activities centred around one of three themes: LIVE IT, BOSS IT, or CHANGE IT.

The experiences will boost their CV’s and also be something to write about on future college, university or job applications.

However, this year places are limited more than ever so to find out more or how to sign up, please check out the NCS website

The NCS team will be coming into Westbourne Academy to deliver a presentation to all students in Year 11 on Friday 19 April during their morning meeting. Beforehand, I strongly encourage you to discuss this opportunity with your child, so they do not miss out on this unique experience.

Attached is an information leaflet for parents from the NCS for you to read. If you need any more information just let me know.

NCS 2024 Parent Pack


Mr D Payne

Head of Ramsey House

& CEIAG Coordinator



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