Emailed to parents and carers of Y10 H&SoCare students 23/05/22

Year 10 Health & Social Care – Video Assignment

As part of the Component 2 LAB assignment for Health and Social Care, learners must be given the opportunity to demonstrate care values in a simulated situation. Learners will then review their own performance. More specific details of this task can be found on the following Assignment Brief.

Attachment BTEC Assignment Brief H&SoCare MAY22

Teachers are expected to find ways for learners to demonstrate their skills whilst maintaining social distancing.  It is an integral part of the Health and Social Care course and it is important that learners are able to demonstrate that they know how, rather than writing about them. This is specifically required by Pearson, the examination board for the BTEC Tech Award.

It is not, however, possible for all learners during the assessment window to act in front of others. Instead, the demonstration of skills will take place in the learners’ own home environment. They will be expected to carry out the demonstration and film the interaction on a mobile phone. In order to comply with GDPR, no other person should be shown in the video. A family member or member of your household can hold the recording device and can respond verbally to you talking to them but should not be shown in the video.

This video will then be uploaded onto Teams using the assignment function, so that it can be marked by the assessor (class teacher). The video is being collected for one purpose only, which is the Component 2 LAB assignment and will not be used for any other reason. The video will only be retained in-line with the retention policy for BTEC Assignments.

Please be aware that the video (as part of your assignment) could be used for verification. If Pearson (the awarding board) ask to see a small sample of these videos, we will share them securely with the board, as your qualification may depend upon this.

In order to ensure safeguarding of learners, you must be dressed appropriately and in an appropriate location. You should ensure that there is nothing in the background of the video that might reveal information about yourself.

If you would like to discuss this task or any other aspect of your Health and Social Care BTEC Tech Award, please do not hesitate to contact me at school.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you good luck with your assignment.


Paul Strutt

Teacher of Health and Social Care



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