Emailed to parents and carers on 7/06/24

Weekly Bulletin for 7 June 2024


Internal Truancy

‘Internal truancy’ describes children who are attending school and staying on site during school hours, but avoiding certain lessons or, in some cases, the majority of their lessons, choosing instead to walk the corridors or roam the school site, sometimes in large groups.

 We have recently introduced a number of changes to our behaviour systems and, from next week, we will be looking at how we can address the national issue of internal truancy.

  • Registers will be completed within the first 5 minutes of a lesson. If a student is not present at this point, they will be marked as N (not in lesson).
  • At this point, a report will be run and a text message will be sent home to the parents of students who are not in their lessons. At this stage, there is an opportunity for parents to get in touch with their child to ask them to attend their lesson immediately. At the same time, staff in the academy will be positively encouraging them to attend their lesson.
  • 15 minutes into the lesson, a further report will be run and this will be looked at by a member of the Leadership Team and the Behaviour Manager. Any student not in their lesson without a valid reason by this time will be suspended.
  • Should a student decide to do the right thing by going to their lesson, they will be marked as L (late).

If you haven’t already done so, please remember to download the My Child at School (MCAS) app on your mobile phone to ensure that you have all the information you need regarding your child’s performance at school.  This is how we will be communicating with parents moving forward.  Whilst we are using a combination of both systems at the moment, we will be transferring completely to MCAS in the next two weeks or so.  In case you haven’t already downloaded the app, please find the instructions attached.

WES MCAS Self Sign Up

Please be aware that we are working with a new management system and, as such, there may be some discrepancies as we implement the new process.  We will be working hard to ensure that these issues are ironed out next week, however, please bear with us as we are establishing this new approach.


Attendance Matters – “Attend today, achieve tomorrow” 

Education is your passport to the future, and good attendance is the stamp that gets you there.”


Focus on the last week of the half term (w/c: 20/5/24)

  • academy attendance across all year groups last week was 85.1%
  • 625 students across the academy had 100% attendance to school
  • the best House attendance was Ennis with 86.1%
  • the best year group attendance was Year 8 with 87.6%
  • the best tutor group attendances was E10 with 94%

Focus on the whole of last half term (15/4/24 – 24/5/24)

  • academy attendance across all year groups in the last six weeks was 88.5%
  • 357 students across the academy had 100% attendance to school for the entire half term – this is a great achievement!
  • The best House attendance was Nightingale with 88.4%
  • The best year group attendance was Year 11 with 89.8%
  • The best tutor group attendances were N1 & HL1 with 94%
  • 77 students still have 100% attendance to school this academic year – a remarkable achievement!!

Praise & Reward Update

  • Activity Day choices have now been finalised for all students and will be given to students to take home today – thank you for your patience whilst this process has been completed. Should you have any queries on choices, please email
  • 176 students have qualified for our ‘Inflatables Day‘ in July, having completed 5 or more STAR cards since the start of the year. This will take place for eligible students on Tuesday 16 July.
  • 2,193 STAR Cards have been completed by students since the start of the academic year. STAR cards are signed by teachers when students have displayed the academy values of being Safe, Thoughtful, Accountable or Respectful
  • 458 students received positive points during the last week of half term in their lessons or for exemplary behaviour or attendance
  • 1,004 students received positive points during the whole six weeks of the half term
  • 8,855 positive points were awarded to students during the last week of the half term
  • 67,690 positive points were awarded to students during the whole six weeks of the half term


Inclusion Team

This week the Inclusion Team have been concentrating on their 1:1 offer to students. We have focussed on two areas the first being our PATH interventions. This intervention allows pupils to sit down and really think about what they want from life, they look at their aspirations and goals. This allows student to develop some focus in school as it helps them realise the importance of this piece of the puzzle and how attending lessons daily and trying their hardest even when faced with challenges can really help achieve their dreams.

The other 1:1 session we have focussed on are called THRIVE. This can take a variety of different routes when the sessions are being held but their main aim is to help pupils build positive relationship with a staff member so that they feel they have someone they approach when they are struggling. This can be especially helpful as pupils can often feel alone and isolated in times of need.

We hope, over the coming weeks and months; the pupils who engage with these 1:1 interventions will be able to fully access their lessons and begin to achieve their full potential as they reach for their goals.


Safeguarding: Online Safety

We would like to make you aware that in the last three weeks there has been a national safeguarding alert issued to all schools in England and Wales.  Schools have been advised of a rapidly increasing national problem of school age children, particularly boys between 14-18 being targeted by international criminal gangs in a practice known as ‘sextortion’.  Young people are being approached via online platforms such as snapchat and Tiktok, and very quickly being lured into providing images that are then used to extort money.

Please find below some useful hints and tips to keep your child(ren) safe online:

  • we would highly recommend that you randomly check your child’s phone – check their messages/apps/site contents/phone history
  • delete any inappropriate contents or apps
  • be aware that there are a number of different sites that target students.  If you are unsure on their purpose; research or delete. Whilst many are harmless there are a number which are not topic or age appropriate.  For example, TikTok requires a user age of 13 years, some are 15+, because of privacy issues and mature content.
  • many sites are monitored for offensive posts, and if found, can result in an account being suspended or, in some cases, further action being taken
  • sharing of private images is something that can lead to serious sanctions.

If you have any concerns and would like to speak to a member of the safeguarding team, please contact us:


Vaccination Mop-up Years 8, 9 & 10

The school vaccination team are with us on Tuesday 11 June to give catch-up vaccinations to those students in Year 8 and 9 who have had consent for HPV and/or MENACWY+DTP who missed out last time they visited. If your child is on the list to be seen then you will receive a text reminder on the evening of Monday 10 June.


Free Online Workshops from NHS Foundation Trust

The Psychology in Schools team have asked us to share information with you for their upcoming workshops. Please see the flyer attached for dates and booking information for parent/carer workshops on mental health and wellbeing. All their upcoming workshops can be booked for free on their Eventbrite page, a referral is not needed to access them. Information on all their workshops, past and present, as well as workshop recordings, can be found on their website.

Psychology In Schools Poster Jun Jul 2024


Parent/Carer Drop-In Clinics: Tuesdays at 11:20

On Tuesday mornings between 11:20 – 12:10, we run a parent/carer drop in clinic where you can speak to staff with any queries. Ms Abbott and Mrs Hanson are on hand to help with setting up the MCAS app and also applying for Free School Meals. There is no need to book, just turn up!


We Can Be Promotional Video

Representatives from the Lord Mayor’s Appeal came into school this week to conduct a focus group with 8 of the Year 10 students who participated in the We Can Be event a couple of months ago.  As always, the girls were amazing and represented themselves and the academy brilliantly.  They were able to put their opinions across with confidence and spoke highly of the experience that they had had at the law firm we visited.

At the end of the session, their faces were a real picture when they realised that they were the stars of the We Can Be 2024 promotional video.  We were so proud of how they conducted themselves on the day of the trip itself and also during this afternoon’s focus group.  You can view a copy of the promotional video here on Youtube:


Key Calendar Dates

Tuesday 18 June                      – 11:45am – 1:15pm Y11 Leavers Assembly

Thursday 20 June                    – 4:00 – 7:00pm Year Parent/Carer Evening

Thursday 27 June                    – 7:00 – 10:45pm Year 11 Prom

Friday 28 June                         – Staff PD Day / school is closed

Tuesday 16 July                       – Inflatables Day

Wednesday 17 July                 – Activities Day 1

Thursday 18 July                     – Activities Day 2

Friday 19 July                          – Staff PD Day / school is closed

Thursday 22 August                – 10:00 – 12:00pm Exam Results Day for Year 11

Wednesday 4 September       – Students return for 1st day of autumn term 2024

Friday 13 September               – School photos for all year groups



Mrs M Woodhouse

Acting Principal


Academy vision: Westbourne is an inclusive academy. We support all students, regardless of starting point, to achieve their potential and develop the skills necessary for employment and life.
Academy values: Be Safe, Be Thoughtful, Be Accountable and Be Respectful.

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