Visit to St Catherine’s College at Cambridge University

As part of the university’s outreach programme for secondary schools, we were invited to take a group of ten students to spend the day at St Catherine’s College – one of 31 colleges that comprise Cambridge University – to inspire them with regards to higher education.

Our group joined Year 10/11 students from three other Ipswich high schools, taking part in a thought-provoking, interactive lecture by a 3rd year Art History student on the subject of ‘Video Games – Is it Art?’

We had a tour of the college grounds, chapel, halls and public areas with current Catz freshers followed by a Q&A session with three undergraduates. Using Slido, students quizzed them about their respective journeys from high school, through sixth form/college to Cambridge University and the challenges they faced.

The admissions manager, who is also a lecturer of Veterinary studies, spoke to students about the UCAS process, how it works, how he decides who gets offers and why they should consider studying for a degree at Cambridge University or anywhere else.

The visit was an invaluable experience for students and accompanying staff that demystified the UCAS application process. It gave students the inside track on qualification criteria, personal statements, finance/student loans and a straight-forward explanation about how to choose the right degree course and university.

Mr D Payne

CEIAG and Head of Ramsey House