Emailed to Y7 parents and carers

Update: Y7 CATs, Attendance and Tutor Calls

We hope that your child has settled in well to Westbourne and is adapting to life at high school. We have been very impressed by the start that the year group has made.

We would like to make you aware of some key information for the next few weeks.

Cognitive Ability Tests (CAT)

All Year 7 students will be completing their CAT tests in school this week. The results of these tests help us understand your child’s abilities in thinking and how they learn best (ie reasoning, perception, memory, verbal and mathematical ability and problem solving). They help us identify their potential progress targets as well as whether or not they need support in certain subjects. We are sure you will agree that it is essential that all learners are placed in the correct ability groups for their lessons.

On Monday morning during form time, I will be delivering an assembly to all of Year 7 to explain how we run the CATs and what they can expect. I will also explain where exactly students need to go when their class is having their test – they are in one of two computer suites. Next week a video of this assembly will be available for parents to view on our Latest News page.

All that your child needs to do in preparation for their CAT is to ensure they have a set of personal in-ear or over-ear headphones with them – the tests are onscreen but will involve sound. To connect to our PCs, headphones will need a standard 3.5m audio jack ie not an Apple lighting connector.  Personal headphones are one the essential items of equipment that students must bring with them to school; they are needed for their music and computing lessons. For hygiene reasons, we cannot provide ear phones for students to share.

The schedule for testing is shown below, break and lunch times will take place as normal.

Class              Date                            Lessons                     Computer room(s)

7A                   Tue 14 Sep               P1 & 2                        C7 & B25


7B                   Tue 14 Sep               P3 & 4                        C7 & B25


7C                   Wed 15 Sep              P1 & 2                        C7 & B25


7D                   Wed 15 Sep              P1 & 2                        C7 & B25


7E                   Fri 17 Sep                  P1 & 2                        C7 & B25


7F                   Fri 17 Sep                  P3 & 4                        C7 & B25


7G                   Thu 16 Sep               P1 & 2                        C7 & B25


7H                   Wed 15 Sep              P1-2  & P3-4                B5


Tutor Phone Calls

This week, we have asked your child’s form tutor to contact you to make sure that you feel they are settling in at secondary school. This will also give you an opportunity to voice any potential concerns you may have. Please remember calls may come up as ‘number withheld’ on your phones. The majority of classroom-based staff, such as teachers and teaching assistants, do not have their own offices so it is not possible for you to call them back but messages can be relayed to them by email.

Your child’s form tutors are your first point of contact for general issues and communication should be by email for any non-urgent communication. For any urgent issues, please contact your child’s Head of House or Pastoral Lead. Any communication regarding past, present or future absence should be with our Attendance team rather than form tutors.

Any issues of a safeguarding nature should be made direct to the DSL, Mrs Cook or Mrs Clarke.

Churchill Head of Year: Mr M Agate 01473 466143

Churchill Pastoral Lead: Miss G Partridge 01473 466172

Ennis Head of Year: Mr Chris Arrow 01473 466102

Ennis Pastoral Lead & Deputy DSL: Mrs Carol Clarke 01473 466170

Nightingale Head of Year: Mr Aaron Durrant 01473 466168

Nightingale Pastoral Lead: New Appointment tbc 01473 466169

Ramsey Head of Year: Mr Danny Payne 01473 466109

Ramsey Pastoral Lead: Mrs Kim Jacobs 01473 466171


Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs Cathy Cook 01473 466156


Please telephone our Attendance team on 01473 466145 before 8.10am each day, if your child is going to be absent from school or is going to arrive late to school.

You will be asked to leave a voicemail. Please state your child’s full name, tutor group/year and the reason for absence or lateness

Please remember to call each and every day of your child’s absence to keep us informed and allow us to confidently alert you if your child is not in school when they should be.

Please remember to notify the Attendance office on 01473 466145 in advance of any known, regular absences, ie medical/orthodontic appointments, which cannot be arranged outside of the school day (08:30 – 14:50 or 14:25 on Wednesdays).

You may also email

Accessing Academy Systems

All students have been issued with a fold-up card, which fits inside their student wallets, to remind them how to log in to school systems such as:

  • Satchel One (our home learning system)
  • Office 365 (for emails from staff)
  • MathsWatch
  • Heggarty Maths
  • Doddle for Science
  • ActiveLearn for Languages

You can view a copy of the Accessing Academy Systems for Y7 card here:

Y7 – Accessing Systems SEP21

Once logged into Office 365 via the Quicklinks page on our academy website – Quicklinks – Westbourne Academy ( – students are able to download Office 365 on up to 5 devices at home free of charge. You can find instructions on how to do this on our website here – please use new user name log 21surnameinitial-WES ie 21smithf-WES

Microsoft Word – guide to emails (

We will shortly be emailing parents with their own PIN number to access Satchel One. In this way, parents will also be able to see what home learning is being set.

School Money

Please remember that School Money is the system we use to pay for school meals, trips, music lessons etc. You have already been sent your login details. If you need help or support please email Mrs Hanson or Mrs Fry at this address:

Free school Meals

We would like to remind parents that students entitled to free school meals have a meal allowance of £2.35. Any monies spent in excess of this amount will be charged to the parent.

My colleagues and I look forward to working alongside your child on their journey through our academy. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Mr Richard Hawkes

Assistant Principal


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