10/01/21 Emailed to parents and  carers

Reporting Absence – Live Lessons

Please inform the school if your child is ill, or attending a medical appointment and is unable to attend live lessons during  the day by calling 01473 466145 before 8.10am each day.

We register attendance during live lessons, if your child is sick and unable to attend, we can still record this on their attendance record. This ensures everyone, including teaching staff, is aware why a student is not attending a live lesson.

From this week, members of staff will be telephoning parents once a week to check that all is well, that children are able to engage with live learning and assist with any questions you may  have. Some staff are working from home and their telephone numbers will be blocked – ie caller ID withheld. Please accept the calls. Staff will keep calling until they get through, you will  not be able to call them back unless they leave you a number or they are using a school direct dial telephone number.

Sent by Mrs Roz Wiernicki – Admissions and Attendance Manager

Email: attendance@westbourne.attrust,org,uk