Emailed to parents and carers 01/04/21


I hope that you and your family are well at the end of what has been a challenging term for everyone. It was a pleasure for all staff to see the students return from the 8th March and the testing went very smoothly.  Fortunately, we have had no cases of Covid since the 8th March. I do not want to convey any complacency around this fact and the control measures, such as isolating, washing hands, social distancing, bubble groups, wearing masks and wiping desks will remain such important measures to keep everybody safe and keep the academy open.

There is now a definite sense of gathering momentum as we move out of a period of uncertainty brought about by Covid and its associated restrictions, and a return to the normality we have craved for so long. In many ways, the contents of my letter today reflect that journey.


We hope that the twice-weekly tests are going well and that you have found some sort of new rhythm in your home every Wednesday and Sunday.

Full details can be found in my earlier communication; the link can be found here


It is all about small steps, of course, but with regards to our work at Westbourne Academy, we have reached the point where we have to reassert all of the high expectations and aspirations that existed in the autumn term, now that our students are back in the academy and those routines are re-established. This is why everything, from home learning and revision, to attendance, behaviour and appearance, must be ‘excellent as standard’ every single day. Nowhere is this truer than in our planning and delivery of our lessons. I have no doubt that my colleagues have demonstrated incredible flexibility, tenacity and creativity through both lockdowns but we are all much happier and effective when we are in our natural habitat – the classroom!

Year 11 – Academy Assessed Grades

We are currently devising a system along with other academies in the trust, to ensure that subject grades are fair and based upon evidence taken from work that students have completed.  Each subject will have a schedule of assessments that students can use to see which pieces of work will calculate their grades.  This transparency will ensure that students know how their grade has been decided.  In this regard it was fantastic to see so many parents/carers engage in the virtual parent evening last Thursday and we hope the timing helped to reassure you about the planned process.

MyEd and Academy Reports Years 7 – 10

The academy has, for the first time, delivered academic reports electronically. There are many positive aspects for delivering reports this way, predominantly:

  • instant delivery to your mobile phone or tablet
  • no more finding a crumpled school report in the bottom of your child’s bag
  • it enables access to everybody who requires a copy immediately, regardless of whether or not the student is present in the academy
  • access to all your child’s reports from Spring 2021 onwards, so you can make comparisons with previous reports
  • the ability to copy and paste the report to a translation app.

This is an exciting development and I encourage you to download the MyEd App to your chosen device. Follow this link to our website for instructions:

My Ed App – Westbourne Academy (

Compassion or High Expectations?

We know in the way that we bring up our own children that we do not have to be one or the other – we can and must be both. We must attend to the immediate problems and challenges a student faces (through our compassion), whilst never taking an eye off their long-term happiness and security (through our high expectations). As an academy and as a parent or carer, we can and must be both.


I am incredibly proud of the responsibility I have now been given, with my appointment to the permanent role of Principal. It is a privilege to be able to say that I am Principal of Westbourne Academy and over the weeks, months and years I intend to repay that faith to continue to run a successful academy and ensure that the academy is a happy and productive environment for both staff and students which ensures that our young citizens develop the skills necessary for employment and life.

Have a lovely Easter break and may the weather be kind to you!


Mark Bouckley – Principal


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VISION & VALUES: Westbourne is an inclusive academy. We support all students, regardless of starting point, to achieve their potential and develop the skills necessary for employment and life.