Emailed to parents, carers and students in Year 10 (16/09/21)

Crime and Safety Awareness Day: Year 10

Wednesday 22 September 2021

As part of our educational provision around safety, we are delighted that the team from ‘Prison! Me! No Way!’ will be back with us on the above date to work with students in Year 10.

The No-Way Trust (more commonly referred to as Prison! Me! No-Way!) is a nationally registered charity. For over 25 years, the charity has provided an ever-evolving, diverse and unparalleled range of interactive and innovative programmes for children and young people, with a commitment to helping the neediest, vulnerable, and underprivileged.

Their vision mirrors our own in so far as we believe ‘every young person should leave school with the knowledge and confidence to take control, make positive choices that avoid becoming involved in crime, stay safe and realise their full potential’. They also work to help young people develop peer respect and realise the many dangers that they can inadvertently be subjected to.

Students are being assigned to a ‘Prison Wing’ for the day and they will stay with this group throughout lessons one to five. The groups will move through a programme of activities being delivered by staff from Prison! Me! No Way! A member of teaching or support staff is assigned to each ‘Wing’ and will accompany them throughout the day.  In tutor time on Monday/Tuesday, students in Year 10 will be given a bespoke timetable for the day which will tells them where to go. They will not be in their usual classes.

To accommodate all of the activities within the school day, we are moving tutor time to 08:30 – 08:50 on Wednesday 22 September. This will affect all students in all year groups at the start of the day.  Break, lunch and the end of the school day will be followed as normal.

Students in Years 10 will need to wear their academy uniform as usual and they will not have their usual timetabled lessons on this day ie they do not need to bring their PE kit for example.

Feedback from students in previous years has been very positive and we are sure that our young people will find this experience informative as well as entertaining. If you have any questions, please contact me at school.

Mr Paul Strutt

PSHE Team Leader


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