Emailed to parents of current Years 8/9 21/07/22

Student Name – Reg / Year

I am writing to advise you that, from September, we are changing the make-up of a number of classes in key stage 3. We are increasing the range of mixed ability groups across all subjects, with the exception of English, Maths, Science and Languages, which will be in groups determined by the subject leaders in those curriculum areas.

Why are we doing this?

We are determined to ensure that we maintain the same high expectations for every student in each class and afford them access to the same knowledge-rich content as their peers. We feel that moving to the new groupings will allow all students to benefit from this approach and optimise the progress being made. Additionally, we would like to ensure that we reduce the impact of students with more challenging behaviours on their groups, and also reduce class sizes as far as possible.

What if my child has additional needs?

We have streamlined the support in lessons, and the variety of interventions we run to ensure that all students will access the curriculum. Ms Abbott the SENCO has been involved in the grouping discussions from the start so we can ensure that we still support students who will benefit from this.

Will the groups change in the future?

Towards the end of each term, we will review each child’s progress and ensure they are in the most appropriate groups.

I would like to thank you for your support for the academy, and wish you a pleasant summer.


Richard Hawkes

Assistant Principal


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