17/07/21 emailed to Year 11 students, parents and carers

Teacher Assessed Grades – Summer Appeals Process

We hope that you are well and enjoying the summer break. You will be aware that, in line with our centre policy found here https://www.westbourne.attrust.org.uk/students/exams/ we have submitted the teacher assessed grades for public examination groups this summer to our exam boards.

We are writing now to give you more information about results days and our processes for conducting appeals. We are confident that our open approach to communication throughout the last few months will result in very few of you feeling the need to appeal, but it is important that we have systems in place nevertheless.

When is Results day?

We are looking forward to welcoming you back for your GCSE results day on Thursday 12 August. You will be able to collect your results from 10:00 – 12:00. As restrictions will have been lifted, we hope to have a normal results day, so that you can arrive at a convenient time with friends or family. Please line up at the A Block entrance and sign the register as appropriate. You will collect your results from the food hall, before passing through the main hall where staff will be available to discuss any queries. You will then exit via B block gate. Should you be apprehensive about your results, or the lifting of restrictions, you will be able to enter in a more socially distanced fashion through the main entrance.

What if I am unable to collect results myself?

If you are unable to collect results yourself, please contact Mrs Wastell on 01473 466108 / 07444 141214 to discuss your options (weekdays only between 9:00 – 15:00)

When can I collect my certificates?

Your Certificates from the individual Examining Bodies will be available later in the year. Your parents/carers will receive an email, to the address currently on our records, giving full details of when and how these may be collected nearer the time. Please ensure you keep us updated with your contact email address. In the meantime, should you need proof of your results, you can use your statement of results for college, sixth form, or employment.


As you know, we have conducted a thorough and robust process in order to arrive at the grades we have submitted – both our procedures and judgments have been subjected to significant moderation and scrutiny, so we are confident that there should be few, if any, surprises on results day.

Nevertheless, our approach to managing appeals will be in line with the guidance issued by the Joint Council for Qualifications which you can read in full here. The appeals process is the only means by which you can register a concern about any of your grades.

There are two stages of appeal:

  • Stage 1 – a centre review, where you ask us to consider whether there may have been any administrative or procedural errors in how we managed the process.
  • Stage 2 – an exam board review, where, if you are not satisfied with our response at stage 1, you can ask us to submit an appeal to the exam board, either on the basis of administrative or procedural error or because you believe we have made the wrong academic judgment in respect of your results.

There are also two types of appeal, however, only the non priority appeal is applicable to our academy as we do not have a sixth form.

If you wish to register a ‘non-priority appeal’ you must submit a request for a centre review by Friday 3 September. We will ensure the stage 1 review will be completed by Friday 10 September so that you can then let us know if you wish to request a stage 2 exam board review, which must be received by us on Friday 17 September at the very latest.

We will respond to any feedback from exam boards as a result of stage 2 appeals within ten working days, subject to the availability of relevant staff.

All appeals must be logged by completing the relevant part of the form attached to this letter and submitting this in good time by email to appeals2021@westbourne.attrust.org.uk

It is important that we let you know three things in particular about this year’s appeals process:


  1. The outcome of an appeal may be that your grade is raised, but it may equally mean that your grade stays the same or is even lowered, as the review at each stage will be very thorough.


  1. It is possible that the appeals process will cause the grades of other students to be reviewed as well (for example, if there is a procedural error identified which affects a whole group) – if this is the case we will of course ensure that all those affected are informed immediately.


  1. The full guidance is very clear about the depth of the process for conducting reviews where an appeal is based on the belief that the academic decision is wrong. It is likely that there will be a very high bar set for any appeals in this regard.

As ever, we are looking forward to celebrating the achievements of all our students this summer, but if you have any questions in regard to anything in this letter, please do not hesitate to let me know.

We are looking forward to catching up with you at the prom on Tuesday 10 August, or at our results day on the 12 August.

Until then, take care and don’t forget to get in contact if you have any further questions.


Mr R Hawkes and Mrs C Wastell

Westbourne Academy

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