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Westbourne Academy

Westbourne Academy is part of the family of Academy Transformation Trust academies.

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Academy Policies

The Trust is currently conducting a thorough review of all policies and procedures to ensure they model the very best practice. We intend for all key policies to be reviewed and renewed for the start of the 2019-20 academic year. In the meantime, the provision within any existing policies shown here still stands. If you would like specific details of any of our policies please contact us



Accessibility Policy - Aug 2014

Accessibility Plan - 2017-2020

Admissions Policy 2020-21 (Academy Transformation Trust)

Anti-Bullying Statement & Policy - March 2017

Attendance Policy (Students) - Sep 2017

Behaviour for Learning Policy - April 2018

Behaviour - Encouraging Positive Behaviour Procedures - Sept 2019

CCTV (Under Development)

Charging & Remissions Policy - Apr 2018

Complaints Procedure - Feb 2017

Curriculum Policy - Jul 2018

Data Protection Policy - Jun 2018

E-Safety Policy - Sep 2017

Ethical Leadership Policy Sep 2018

Equalities Policy - April 2018

Equal Opportunities (staff) Policy - Jan 2018

Exclusions Procedure & Policy - Dec 2018

Freedom of Information Policy - Sep 2017

Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

Health & Safety Policy - Sep 2019

Home Academy Agreement - 2019/20

Inclement Weather Policy - Nov 2017

Medical Conditions Policy - March 2017

Privacy - Pupils, Parents and Carers - Sep 2019

Pupil Premium Policy - Mar 2019

Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy - Nov 2019

SEND Policy - Mar 2019

Sex & Relationships Policy - Jun 2018

Social Media Policy - Sep 2019

Use of Reasonable Force Policy - Feb 2019

Whistleblowing Policy - Apr 2018

Please contact the academy if you require further information.


We are aware that downloads and attachment from our website cannot be translated via Google Translate. For further assistance, you may contact the following Ipswich based provider of translation and interpreting services to the public and private sectors whose client’s first language is not English - TIP